To empower parents, dispel myths about
Down syndrome and create communities
of awareness and opportunities
of inclusion.

The information on this web-site is provided for your information only.  We receive a large number of items on a regular basis and make them available as a way
to share  information.  This is not a recommendation.  As a rule, the Down Syndrome Network of Tampa Bay will not lend its name to the endorsement of any
specific program, practice, or model that is offered for service to people with Down syndrome or related disabilities.  This policy does not imply that the Down
Syndrome Network of Tampa Bay refrains from sharing any knowledge or personal experiences.  The sharing of information, training, and the development of
recommendations are key functions of keeping our constituents as informed as possible in all areas of interest to our Down syndrome community.
A shared purpose
combined with a
positive attitude
becomes an
unstoppable force.

Our purpose is to:

•  Empower and educate parents of children with Down syndrome, young and
old, by providing up-to-date information and resources.

•  Provide social opportunities that allow parents to network.

•  Pursue inclusion of individuals who have Down syndrome in all areas of life
so they embrace opportunities to contribute and be valued members of

•  Dispel myths, promote positive awareness, and emphasize abilities of
people with Down syndrome to parents, educators, physicians, therapists, and
the general public.
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